• Do you know the advantages of the paper rope handle?

    Do you know the advantages of the paper rope handle?

    I will take you to understand the advantages of the paper rope handle, let’s take a look together. First of all, it is manifested in its tensile strength. Some old-fashioned paper rope factories will use imported kraft paper as raw materials, so that the products have the advantages of good...
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  • Which is better? Paper rope or plastic cord?

    Which is better? Paper rope or plastic cord?

    Generally speaking, a paper rope is a rope shape formed by cutting the paper into strips and twisting it mechanically or manually. It is a branch of the rope. The commonly used materials for plastic ropes are mostly crystalline polymers, which are often used to bundle products. In terms of packag...
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  • Paper Handles-Born for the paper bags

    Speaking of paper bags, everyone is no stranger. Paper bags containing traditional snacks and fried foods, envelope-style paper bags for small commodities, and paper bags for clothes, shoes and hats, etc. can be seen almost everywhere. Paper bags are widely favored by me...
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  • Analysis of the status quo of the market development of the paper industry

    A few days ago, in order to save energy, reduce emissions, and ease the use of electrical power in autumn and winter, Northeast China, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Yunnan, Hunan and other places have issued power curtailment policies to shift peak power...
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  • Why using Paper Cords instead of PP ropes? Because of its Stunning Degradation Rate

    Now many countries have issued plastic bans like South Korea, England, France, Chile etc. Plastic bags are banned, including the PP or Nylon ropes which are used to be the handles of paper bags. So paper bags and paper ropes are becoming more and more popular and many br...
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