Paper Handles-Born for the paper bags

Speaking of paper bags, everyone is no stranger. Paper bags containing traditional snacks and fried foods, envelope-style paper bags for small commodities, and paper bags for clothes, shoes and hats, etc. can be seen almost everywhere. Paper bags are widely favored by merchants and consumers due to their environmental protection characteristics.

Paper bags can be divided into white cardboard paper bags, white board paper paper bags, coated paper paper bags, kraft paper bags according to their materials, and a small amount of them are made of special paper. According to the purpose, it is divided into: clothing bags, food bags, shopping bags, gift bags, wine bags, medicine bags, etc. Paper bag handles include paper rope with hole, non-hole rope, flat handles and other types.

Environmentally friendly paper bags are labeled with green labels due to their degradable and recyclable characteristics, but not all paper bags are environmentally friendly. Especially for hand-held paper bags, some manufacturers sometimes choose cotton rope and plastic rope as paper bag handles in order to pursue load-bearing capacity and beauty. With the continuous development and improvement of the paper rope handle, it can completely replace the rope handle of other materials and become the first choice for paper bag matching, especially like knitted paper cord, braided paper twine rope, knitted flat paper ribbon, paper tape, fancy braided paper twine rope and so on. They are developed in recently years, made in 100% paper, but with pretty looks and excellent hand feel. If you are not told that they are made in paper, you may not believe in your eyes. And they are not just round shape, but also flat shape. They can be the handles for traditional paper bags, but also for the paper bags of brands.

The advantage of the paper rope handle is first manifested in its pulling force. Some old paper rope factory like us-Dongguan Youheng Packing products Co.,Ltd will use imported kraft paper as raw materials to make the products have the advantages of good flexibility and ductility. Our factory's professional machine production line makes the surface of the paper rope more delicate and beautiful. Coupled with the our rigorous quality control, the formed paper rope has a uniform thickness and strong tension, which has rewritten the fragile image of the paper rope.

Secondly, I talked about the change in the shape of the paper rope handle. Incorporating the concept of environmental protection and creativity of paper bags, the paper rope handle has been developed from the original single-strand twisted style to a double-stranded or multi-strand twisted style. The shape is richer and three-dimensional, and the more strands, the stronger the tension. There is also a flat shape with multiple strands side by side, called multi-cords paper ribbon, which is suitable for two-dimensional thin paper bags. In addition, some new paper ropes woven into special forms such as horse racing and crochet are simply born to replace cotton rope handles and PP rope handles, in order to meet the design requirements of different types of paper bags. We call them Braided Paper twine rope, and fancy braided paper twine rope.

When it comes to the aesthetics of the design, it is inevitable to add some color factors. The dyeing and fixing technology of large paper mills makes the paper rope handles simple and elegant. The color comes out when the paper is produced in the paper mill, it means the color is more stable and pretty. And the color fastness is better. Plain cowhide color, pure white, and steady black are the three basic colors of kraft paper. Other colors can be dyed in single or multi-color combination, making the design arbitrary.

As a carrier of brand culture, paper bags can accurately convey the corporate philosophy is extremely important. Due to the characteristics of the material itself, paper bags can be displayed vividly and exquisitely on the surface of the bag no matter how delicate and unique the brand logo and advertising creativity. 

The perfect combination of paper rope handle and paper bag body makes the theme of environmental protection more relevant.

Post time: Nov-03-2021
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