Do you know the advantages of the paper rope handle?

I will take you to understand the advantages of the paper rope handle, let’s take a look together.

First of all, it is manifested in its tensile strength. Some old-fashioned paper rope factories will use imported kraft paper as raw materials, so that the products have the advantages of good flexibility and ductility. The factory’s professional machine production line makes the surface of the paper rope more delicate and beautiful. Coupled with the company’s rigorous quality control, the formed paper rope has a uniform thickness and strong pulling force, which rewrites the fragile image of the paper rope.​​

Secondly, the change in the shape of the paper rope handle. Combined with the concept of environmental protection and creativity of paper bags, the paper rope handle has been developed from the original single-strand twisting to double-strand or multi-strand twisting. The shape is more abundant and three-dimensional, and the more the number of strands, the stronger the pulling force. There are also multi-strand side-by-side flat shapes, called rope handles, which are suitable for matching two-dimensional light and thin paper bags. Other paper ropes woven into special forms such as horse racing and crochet are simply born to replace cotton rope handles and meet the design requirements of different types of paper bags.

When it comes to the aesthetics of the design, it is inevitable to add some color factors. The dyeing and fixing technology of the paper rope giant makes the paper rope handle elegant and gorgeous. Rustic cowhide color, pure white, and steady black are the three basic colors of kraft paper. Other colors of dyeing can be combined in single color or multi-color, making the design arbitrary.

As a carrier of brand culture, it is very important to accurately convey the corporate philosophy of paper bags. Due to the characteristics of the material itself, the paper bag can be displayed exquisitely on the surface of the bag no matter how delicate and unique the brand logo and advertising creativity are.

The perfect combination of paper rope handle and paper bag body makes the theme of environmental protection more appropriate. In the crowd of leather bags and plastic bags on the street, the unique and fresh design of paper bags is particularly eye-catching.


Post time: Mar-14-2022
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