Why using Paper Cords instead of PP ropes? Because of its Stunning Degradation Rate

Now many countries have issued plastic bans like South Korea, England, France, Chile etc. Plastic bags are banned, including the PP or Nylon ropes which are used to be the handles of paper bags. So paper bags and paper ropes are becoming more and more popular and many brands and companies use paper bags to show their idea of protecting the Earth. Why paper is becoming more and more popular? It is because of its stunning degradation rate.

The paper can be completely degraded in 2 weeks. The degradation speed of paper is amazing and it is the king of all natural fibers. And our new paper ropes and ribbons like knitted paper cords, knitted paper ribbon, paper tape and so on we produce are made in the paper which weighs only around 22 gram per square meter. It is stable, soft and strong.

In a world eroded by plastics, using paper products like paper cords can prevent more pollution. We Dongguan Youheng Packing Products Co., Ltd is an enterprise with great sense of social responsibility. We make a solemn commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development in the production process and the entire supply Chain system.

Natural degradation time of common garbage

The degradation rate of paper waste tops the list 2-6 weeks: paper towels, paper bags, newspapers, train tickets, paper yarn, etc.

About 2 months: cardboard, etc.

About 6 months: cotton clothing, etc.

About 1 year: woolen clothes, etc.

About 2 years: orange peel, plywood, cigarette butts, etc.

Around 40 years: nylon products, etc.

About 50 years: rubber products, leather products, cans, etc.

Around 500 years: plastic bottles, etc.

1 million years: glass products, etc.

Post time: Nov-03-2021
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